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Accessibility Division for Students with Disabilities

Concept and Features

The main support organization is OSD which regulates the support policy and plan, as well as leading various dialogues regarding the improvement of the study environment for students with disabilities all over the University. OSD is in charge of all inquiries related to the support of students with disabilities, and work in collaboration with each educational organization and administration office to create a support system that ensures that all the students at University of Tsukuba will receive equal support.


1. Support activities mainly led by the students themselves (Peer Tutors) aiming for success of all students

Peer Tutor system is a support system for students with disabilities providing support in the daily academic matters and where the students are the core. The University officials are supporting those students regarding their skills and economic issues, and issue the Peer Tutor Activity Certificate for those who meet the requirements. Students with disabilities themselves are enthusiastically involved in the support activities as well as the Peer Tutors in the various support teams under the supervision of OSD.

As a part of its effort to increase awareness regarding support of students with disabilities, OSD holds a general course named, “Symbiosis-Campus: How to Support Students with Disabilities” aiming to spread understanding and solidarity among students and their disabled colleagues.

2. Specialty and nature of support components based on each graduate and undergraduate schools and departments

Based on the general policy of the university all the educational organizations must take the responsibility in regards to the support of students with disabilities. Based on this principle, support that corresponds with the characteristic of each field of study is secured for all the students.
At the admission stage for students with disabilities, the educational organizations that they are affiliated with and OSD work together to give admission guidance to evaluate the needs and the actual support components.

3. Well-rounded support system based on disability sciences

University of Tsukuba has the largest group of researchers that specialize in the field of disability sciences and are the core members of the support system. Thus, advice and guidance concerning all types of support are provided based on specialist points of view. For more details about the support matters please refer to the related page.