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Accessibility Division for Students with Disabilities


Table of contents

  1. OSD
  2. History


OSD is the abbreviated name for Office for Students with Disabilities.

The currently used OSD logo has been designed by Ms. Haruko Serizawa (person with hearing impairment) who graduated from the Master’s program in Education and previously worked as an OSD staff.



Since the establishment of University of Tsukuba in 1973, the support for students with disabilities had been carried out individually by the enrolled students as well as by the university faculties and staffs.

In the year 2001, the Support Committee for Students with Disabilities was formed under the vice-president. Due to this, the training course intended for the support of students with disabilities became a duty performed by the university. Before this, the training course had been carried out by student volunteers.

By 2007, the Support Committee for Students with Disabilities became an important and indispensable body, which led to the founding of OSD.