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Promotion of a barrier-free campus

Creation and publication of barrier-free maps

The staff and peer tutors of the DAC Center (Accessibility) are checking and organizing the physical barriers in classrooms, multipurpose restrooms, elevators, and entrances and exits, mainly in the Tsukuba campus buildings, to create a barrier-free map. This will allow us to check in advance the location of classrooms and usable restrooms, the condition of physical barriers, etc.

University of Tsukuba Barrier-Free Map

Map of Braille blocks on the University of Tsukuba campus (red dashed lines: guide blocks; red circles: warning blocks)

Area 1

Area 2

Area 3

University Hall Area

Physical Education and Arts Area

Medical Area

Kasuga Area

Other areas

Barrier-free renovation and repair of campus facilities

The University provides consultation and advice on barrier-free renovation and repair of campus facilities and equipment, in order to improve campus amenities. We will promote the creation of a campus that is accessible to students who use wheelchairs or are visually impaired, by renovating doors and repairing Braille blocks in sequence.

Repair in Fiscal Year 2017

Location Before repair After repair

In front of the automatic door on the south side of the Health Service Center

Steps from the road to the sidewalk on the south side of the Health Service Center


In front of the CEGLOC (Center for Education in Global Communications) building



Overpass between Area 1 and University Hall