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Consultation and request concerning consideration during lectures and examinations

OSD is the executive contact office pertaining to all matters of support provision to its student members. It receives information and suggestions from students with disabilities, friends, faculties, and the general public outside of the university.

For more details about consideration for students with disabilities see “support provision for each disability“.

(1)Request for special consideration during lectures

OSD makes an outstanding effort to provide its students with their individual needs through Peer Tutors, however, support and consideration from the faculties during lectures is truly crucial. Thus, consideration request documents for each student is prepared during the admission guidance and enrollment stage in accordance with their needs under the supervision of OSD specialist faculties to be submitted to the faculty of the different sections of the university.

Consideration request documents are frequently distributed to faculties at each departmental meeting along with detailed insights pertaining to the importance of special considerations for each student with a disability. Furthermore, students with disabilities submit these consideration request documents to the proper faculties and take responsibility in making their own requests.

(2)Request for special considerations during examination

OSD regularly prepares the document of request for consideration during examination and distributes it to all faculties. Likewise, the students submit similar documents in their classes mentioning the necessary considerations and adjustments needed during exam. The students and faculties can both ask for further assistance and advice from OSD specialist faculties.

Support offered by Peer Tutors

With the goal in mind of developing all students, whether with disabilities or not, OSD has created a special tutoring system known as Peer Tutoring (academic assistance aids) to conduct support activities which are mostly managed by students. The students offer the academic support which corresponds with the disabled student’s condition, type, and degree of disability.

The amount of hours dedicated to academic support are determined by OSD faculties after considering the level, degree, and type of disability , along with the academic environment. The main support components are, preparation for lesson attendance, support of access to information during lectures, support in fulfilling academic requirements including homework, and mobility within the campus.

For more details about Peer Tutor and support provision please click here.

Services in University of Tsukuba Library

Variety of services and equipment are available for all uses with disabilities in University of Tsukuba Library. The main support services include, oral reading assistance, reserving books by phone, automatic reading machine, PC with software for visual impaired students, video magnifier, mobility assistance, special desks for users in wheel chair, parking space for users with disabilities. Please click here for more information.

Student housing

There are student dormitories on the University of Tsukuba campus, and many private apartments in the surrounding area. For an overview of these and their use, please refer to the university’s official website: “Student Housing and Apartment Information”.

In terms of student housing, there are quotas for “those with special needs”, available to students with disabilities. Some rooms have been renovated to reduce barriers (e.g., ramps, and bathroom, kitchen, and related electrical and water improvements).

If you wish to move in, please contact the Student Life Division of the Student Affairs Department

Request for support to external organizations.

In addition to the support offered by Peer Tutors, OSD works in conjunction with external organizations when necessary to accommodate the needs of students with disabilities in order to create better academic environment for them.

In addition to the support offered by Peer Tutors, OSD works in conjunction with external organizations when necessary to accommodate the needs of students with disabilities in order to create better academic environment for them.

The main support components include:


  • Request to bus companies regarding special consideration for the commutes of students with disabilities

Visual impairment

  • Request for transcribing of the entrance examinations and specialized books (for example, foreign languages) to Braille to outside services

Hearing Impairment

  • Request to sign language interpreter for entrance exams and ceremonies

Physical Impairment and Chronic Illness

  • Request for mobility support using taxis


Roundtable discussion on supporting students with disabilities

Roundtable meetings are held regularly for students with disabilities, peer tutors, faculty members in charge of accessibility, homeroom teachers of students with disabilities, and faculty members in charge of diversity and accessibility, to provide opportunities to share information and exchange opinions.