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Career Development Office

Career and employment support for students with disabilities (including internships) is carried out through cooperation between the Career Development Office and OSD.(Note 1)

The accumulation of data on career decisions and career consultation are also processed in collaboration of the two offices.

Moreover, OSD often holds special events as part of its effort to promote the employment of students with disabilities. OSD encourages all its affiliates to participate in these events, which arrange special skills training workshops. An event called “Career Cafe at OSD” invites OB and OG (alumni and alumnae with disabilities) and corporate representatives to deliver special lectures that give an overview about life in the workplace to newer students.

(Note 1) Definition of career support: helping students to design an inclusive plan for their life at university and their new path after graduation including employment. The Career Development Office is responsible for career support. Students from grade 1 (freshman year) can consult about their career.

Career Development Office, Division of Career Services Department of Student Affairs

Students Plaza

The Career Development Office, Division of Career Services support students in expanding what students think is possible for the future through classes, guidance, individual counseling, internships and workshops. Services and supports for students with disabilities are carried out with the collaboration between the Career Development Office, Division of Student affairs and OSD. For those who need assistance please contact the aforementioned offices according to the situation. The offices are located in the Student Plaza. The career counselors not only offer students job information but also help students to build career plan, as well as receiving consultation about work and job searching.

Furthermore, the university has various programs regarding job searching for all undergraduate and graduate students. In order to encourage students with disabilities to take part in, various arrangements are made by the Career Development Office such as information provision and appropriate assistance according to disabilities. Students who desire to participate in such programs should contact the Career Development Office or OSD.

Career Development Office, Division of Career Services Department of Student Affairs

Location: Dai-Ichi Area Students Plaza 2nd Floor

Career and job search support for students with disabilities

The Career Development Office, Division of Career Services Department of Student Affairs and OSD undertake the following programs to facilitate employment of students with disabilities.

(1) Career Cafe (at OSD)

Career Cafe (at OSD)

Career Cafe (at OSD) is a special seminar targeting students with disabilities to discuss employment support. It invites all students to candidly discuss their career concerns and job search experiences. It takes place once every 1-2 months. This small gathering allows participants to have meaningful discussions about various matters such as writing resumes. Such activities can definitely help students to prepare themselves for career formation and job search. As part of these activities, observations at neighboring companies and at the workplaces of people with disabilities were conducted in 2013.

(2)Special lectures for supporting employment of students with disabilities

In 2013, the following programs were created for students who were already searching for jobs and for those who had the intention to begin the job search in the future. The students are given opportunities that will raise awareness and understanding of the job-hunting process, including the necessary actions they must take and evaluating the environment. These programs help students to make smooth transitions into careers and also equip them with self-confidence though beneficial job search activities.


Phase 1 Orientation Information on the present condition of job-search activities and future planning
Phase 2 Understanding the Environment,
Understanding various businesses and companies, importance of self-awareness and the way to develop self-awareness
Phase 3 Tips on making “Entry Sheets” and preparing for job interview Learning how to prepare “Entry Sheets” and the job interview concretely
Phase 4 An exchange forum with the OB and OG (alumni and alumnae) Inviting OB and OG (alumni and alumnae) working as a public employee, government employee, business professionals and teachers to deliver oral and paper presentations about their job search and work experiences.
Phase 5 Intramural Corporation Briefing Session This took place at The University of Tsukuba in which students had the chance to attend presentations from various companies which are eager to employ students with disabilities in addition to the chance of having direct interviews with representatives of these companies. In the fiscal year 2013 it was held with collaboration with Tsukuba University of Technology.

Providing information related to obtaining a job, collecting and managing data regarding graduate student working conditions.

  1. The Career Development Office, Division of Career Services Department of Student Affairs and OSD share any information they receive concerning seminars, job fairs, job offers, etc. Moreover, email notification of this information is available upon request.
  2. The Career Development Office and OSD collaborate with each other to accumulate data. This data is collected consistently and benefits the next cohort of students with disabilities approaching graduation.